7 Best High Intensity Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Alternate between short bursts of all-out sprints and recovery periods of walking or jogging. This boosts metabolism and burns calories quickly.

Sprint Intervals

Combine a squat, plank, push-up, and jump into one explosive movement for a full-body workout that elevates your heart rate.


A fast-paced, calorie-torching exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness and coordination.

Jump Rope

Run in place while lifting your knees towards your chest as high and as fast as possible, engaging your core and legs.

High Knees

Start in a plank position and alternate bringing your knees towards your chest in a running motion, engaging your core and upper body.

Mountain Climbers

Perform a squat and then explosively jump up, reaching your arms overhead. Land softly and go straight into the next squat.

Jump Squats

Alternate between high-intensity sprints and moderate-paced recovery on a stationary bike or outdoor cycle.

Cycling Intervals

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