7 Deadly Excuses Women Make For The Wrong Guy

1. "He's just going through a rough patch"

Excusing a partner's negative behavior by attributing it to temporary conditions or external factors.

2. "I can change him"

Believing that you have the ability to alter a person's character or behavior, despite their persistently negative traits.

3. "It's better than being alone"

Settling for a dysfunctional or toxic relationship out of fear of being alone or the belief that any relationship is preferable to none.

4. "He didn't mean it"

Rationalizing and downplaying hurtful or disrespectful actions, or making excuses for a partner's destructive behavior.

5. "I'm too invested to leave now"

Feeling emotionally or financially invested in the relationship, which makes it difficult to leave, even if it is obvious that the relationship is toxic.

6. "He's just stressed"

Justifying a partner's maltreatment or aggression as the result of stress, as opposed to recognizing it as a pattern of abusive behavior.

7. "I don't deserve better"

Low self-esteem or self-worth, the belief that you don't deserve a healthy and nurturing relationship, which can lead to accepting less than you deserve.


It is essential for women to recognize these relationship-related excuses and patterns and prioritize their own well-being.