7 Free Weight Exercises For Faster Weight Loss After 50

Whether you're 15 or 50, the squat works wonders. It burns a lot of calories as your entire body works—including your core and upper body—to lift and stabilize the weight

Goblet Squats

If you're a beginner or coming back from a long break, a normal squat might be a little difficult. With this variation, you have a counterweight so you can get into good positions and learn to squat correctly

Plate Squats

This is one of the most simple ways to strengthen the legs in your quads and your glutes. Even better, it carries over perfectly well to daily life—like any time you walk upstairs or go uphill


The split squat helps you do that because it forces you to target each leg at once so you're exercising for twice as long and you're getting more impact on your core and stabilizing muscles.

Split Squats

Medicine balls are great for this because you can throw and slam them and they can take a beating.

Medicine Ball Slams

Many people over 50 have nagging shoulder or back issues, which makes it difficult to push a weight overhead. Instead, use the "scaption," which targets similar muscles without putting your joints in strenuous positions


Instead of deadlifts, which can put a strain on your lower back if you don't use good technique, hip thrusts target those muscles in a safer way.

Barbell Hip Thrusts

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