Cameras are installed in every Southwest Airlines

After noticing an iPad live streaming from a bathroom during a flight, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant is told by a captain that cameras

A genuinely strange story has emerged in which a Southwest Airlines flight attendant claims to have seen something in the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 airliner

that "deeply disturbed" her. According to the Phoenix News Times, Renee Steinaker was working as a flight attendant on a journey

from Pittsburgh to Phoenix in 2017 when one of the pilots, Terry Graham, needed to use the restroom.

She approached the cockpit when the pilot was in the bathroom, as is customary, but something shocked her: 

 an iPad affixed to the windshield of the pilot's seat. It was also live streaming (the captain was currently in the restroom).

When she questioned the co-pilot, Ryan Russell, he acknowledged that it was being live streamed and then revealed that these specific lavatory cameras 

Steinaker later reported the event and filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, claiming she feeling physically unwell after realizing she'd changed in the restroom 

According to the aforementioned article, both pilots are still employed by Southwest Airlines, which issued the following official statement:

"The safety and security of our employees and customers is Southwest's unwavering priority." As a result, there are no cameras in our aircraft's lavatories.

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