Coca-Cola Just Announced It Is Discontinuing This Soda

Coca-Cola is a global brand, but not every idea they launch succeeds. According to officials, low sales make this product cut prudent

Thus Coke is leaving a category they explored last year. CNN reported Saturday that Coca-Cola will stop distributing Coke Energy in North America.

With rising customer interest in energy drinks, Coca-Cola launched the drink in January 2020 in this region. 

 However, the epidemic changed the market, and reports suggest the company wants to refocus.

Coca-Cola commented on their decision to discontinue Coke Energy production, stating that ongoing evaluation of performance is crucial. 

While scaling successful concepts like AHA and Coca-Cola with Coffee, we must be disciplined with those that lack traction for further investment.

In an earnings call in January 2020, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey declared, "We're putting the full marketing muscle behind our Coke Energy launch in the US

They spent big on Super Bowl ads last year promoting Coke Energy as "It's the energy you want and the taste you love."

The North American goodbye to Coke Energy may not be a significant health loss. Coke tried to make Coke Energy fit into the "functional beverages" category 

That has become so popular in recent years with its contents. Guarana extracts, B-vitamins, and four times the caffeine of conventional Coke in 12-ounce portions were incorporated.

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