7 Best Weight Bearing Exercises For Adults Over 50

A low-impact exercise that's easy on the joints but still provides weight-bearing benefits for the legs and hips.


Whether it's ballroom dancing, Zumba, or other dance styles, dancing engages multiple muscle groups and promotes balance and coordination.


A gentle martial art that involves slow, controlled movements and is excellent for improving balance, flexibility, and overall body strength.

Tai Chi

Many yoga poses involve bearing weight on different parts of the body, which can help strengthen bones and muscles while improving flexibility and balance.


Focuses on core strength, stability, and alignment, incorporating weight-bearing exercises using body weight or resistance bands.


Whether indoors on a staircase or using a stair-climbing machine, climbing stairs is an effective weight-bearing exercise for the lower body.

Climbing Stairs

Taking hikes on uneven terrain can challenge balance and engage leg muscles while providing a cardiovascular workout.


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