Top 8 Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Snake Plant

Relatively hardy plant which enjoys conditions from full sun to light shade and is also able to adapt to low light conditions if preferred.” Its tall, sword-like leaves are striking yet efficient at purifying the air, and it needs little watering.

Spider Plant

Happy Houseplants states that spider plants are resilient and adaptable, happy in a range of conditions from gloomy to dim and cool to hot, and don’t require watering until their soil feels dry.


Also known as ‘devil’s ivy,’ pothos is a cascading house plant with heart-shaped leaves and a popular choice for indoor gardeners. The Spruce writes that it’s versatile in terms of placement and care schedules.

Peace Lily

This houseplant is popular for its unusual-shaped white flowers and attractive leaves. It’s a natural air purifier and prefers low to medium light, so it’s perfect for small apartments. It only needs watering once the soil is dry and can tolerate dry spells.

Jade Plant

Like aloe vera, jade plants are succulents capable of storing water in their leaves. For this reason, they don’t need frequent watering.


Philodendrons characteristically have a wide range of leaf sizes and shapes, but all varieties are equally easy to care for. They’re well suited to indoor life because they prefer moderate to low light levels and are tolerant of irregular watering.

Cast Iron Plant

Apartment Therapy states that this plant “is named for its ability to survive a wide range of conditions. If you’re looking for low-maintenance greenery that can survive low light, low humidity, irregular watering, and temperature fluctuation, the cast-iron plant is THE plant for you.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

A low-maintenance houseplant, the ZZ plant is a slow-growing, durable species that can withstand periods of drought, making it perfect for travelers or forgetful caregivers! The Sill says it thrives in low-light environments and is ideal for dim offices and homes with little natural light.

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